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Featured in T&D World Magazine

As one of the most well-known magazines in the transmission industry, T&D World provides utilities, operators and linemen with key industry insights.

HiLine Nation was featured in their May 2016 edition. The article titled “Advanced Technology Replaces Traditional Conductor Sagging Method” provides information about our methods and technology, and how they benefit the industry.

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    Drone Inspection Operations
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    Tier 2 & 3 Transmission & Distribution Fire Risk Drone Imagery Inspections
  • Enhanced Power Line Safety with Marker Balls
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  • Alvey-Fairview NO. 1 230KV Transmission Rebuild Project
  • John Day No 1 & No 4 - 2.5” Line Replacement Project

Who We Are

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A Leader in Transmission & Distribution Safety & Technology

We provide professional transmission & distribution inspection services for electric utility projects in Arizona, California, Idaho, Washington and Oregon.

Utility companies and their contractors choose HiLine Nation to perform quality assurance, inspections, safety management, and conductor sagging. They do so to get accurate data, reporting, and assure their projects are completed with the highest quality and in the safest manner possible.

Why Choose Us

Safety is the highest priority. We have a perfect safety record because of our efforts to train personnel, observe operations and limit risks.

Our inspectors are intentionally overqualified, fully trained and certified beyond standards – then we train them our methods. It is experience that makes all the difference.

HiLine Nation was founded on the idea that the industry had to advance and utilize more technology. We help that process with every client.

We work to ensure we collect all of the important data points so that we can help our clients better understand performance, quality, and accountability


Thank you so much for your support on the Pinal Central
to Tortolita 500kV project. Your team was very professional.

Quality control on the project was highly detailed and
ensured high accuracy especially regarding sagging wire.

HiLine Nation’s Total Station Sagging Survey transit allows me to verify that
dead end crew is making accurate cuts providing the customer with an accurate sag

If you want the best information on the conductor that you just installed,
at this time the only way to get it is with the tools HiLine Nation uses.