CPUC General Order Compliance Services

All electric utilities should be proactive to ensure that their facilities, equipment and apparatus are operating properly. It is not only good business, but also legally required to do all that is possible to ensure the safety of their environments. It cannot be acceptable to neglect, or allow ineffective inspections and reporting. The consequences are too great.

HiLine Nation’s number one mission is safety in the industry. We understand that knowledge, commitment and experience is critical to the success of any compliance efforts. Inspectors are the first defense. They are relied upon to effectively and accurately inspect, identify, document and report. It has to be done right.

The results of electric utility inspections, documentation, and reporting are only going to be a good as the knowledge, commitment and experience of the inspectors who perform the duties. Customers deserve the best of us, and HiLine Nation will always deliver.

Your team can count on us for:

  • General Order 95 Compliance
  • General Order 128 Compliance
  • General Order 165 Compliance
  • General Order 180 Compliance

Our inspectors can be relied on to:

  • Conduct detail oriented inspections
  • Thoroughly document findings
  • Deliver complete reporting in a timely manner

CPUC General Order Compliance

Inspector Guarantee

We guarantee client satisfaction, but we will always aim to exceed. We take pride in our services, and feel confident that we can deliver solutions that our clients can rely on today and tomorrow.

  • Safety First
  • High Quality
  • Strong Experience
  • Attention to Detail
  • Professionalism

Our inspectors come prepared with all of the necessary tools and training required to perform their duties, while meeting high standards set by HiLine Nation in the best interest of our clients.

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