Remote Desktop Inspections For Electric Utility T&D Assets

Electric utility companies should no longer rely solely on ground-level or drive-by inspections. More and more utilities are realizing that drones provide a safe and efficient alternative. Today’s drones offer very high resolution imagery, provide birds-eye and equipment level views, and eliminates the need to deploy highly-skilled linemen and expensive equipment to every pole.

By deploying drones, utilities can capture more information, details and data on their assets, and much more frequently.

HiLine Nation provides all the necessary experience, personnel and systems to quickly and accurately inspect those assets for utility clients. We have dozens of highly experienced Journeyman Linemen who are properly trained to view, assess and report issues on transmission and distribution assets.

Why utilities can rely on HiLine Nation:

  • Experience – We only hire Journeyman Linemen who meet our history and experience requirements.
  • Systems & Technology – Our team is very technically capable to adapt to client needs.
  • Quality – In addition to efficiency, accuracy, and valuable reporting, we always focus on quality.
  • DBE Spend – HiLine Nation is a Native American owned business with CPUC certification.
  • Licensed & Insured – We are fully licensed to provide services and fully insurance to protect clients.

Inspector Guarantee

We guarantee client satisfaction, but we will always aim to exceed. We take pride in our services, and feel confident that we can deliver solutions that our clients can rely on today and tomorrow.

  • Safety First
  • High Quality
  • Strong Experience
  • Attention to Detail
  • Professionalism

Our inspectors come prepared with all of the necessary tools and training required to perform their duties, while meeting high standards set by HiLine Nation in the best interest of our clients.

Drone Program Experience

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