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The line for traditional methods of sag measuring and related processes has come to an end. Our innovative use of advanced measuring tools and technology enable us to offer our clients a whole new suite of solutions. Our sagging methods are safer, more efficient and far more accurate than the old methods still widely used today. However, more and more utility companies and contractors are learning about our methods and switching to our solutions, because the results are incomparable. Join the rest and give us a call for your project!

Conductor Sagging

Sagging Methods & Technology

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Topcon Total Station

Carlson SurvCE Software

Topcon Total StationThe Topcon Total Station allows us to capture spatial targets with high accuracy, and set geospatial points with on-board software. Those points are then measured on the device.Carlson SurvCE SoftwareCarlson SurvCE is the software that we use on the Total Station to set and store the geospatial points.

Conductor Sagging Illustration

  • Sags are computed from engineer provided sag tension tables for both conductor and OPGW / OHGW
  • Span lengths and elevation differences are verified with the Topcon measuring device
  • Temperature is verified from conductor thermometer
  • All angles in excess of 5 degrees shall be changed to individual sheaves if conductors are bundled
  • All sag tails shall be removed to prevent excess conductor weights
  • All data collected is reported on an in-sheave sag report for each individual sag span, then re-checked and clipped in conductor reports
  • Inspector / sag man shall work closely with conductor dead end crew to verify insulator and hardware measurements along with dead end body growth to maintain the correct conductor sag

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