Licensed Contractor

About HiLine Nation

HiLine Nation, LLC was founded in 2013 by Mr. Lee Pope, who has been working on transmission line projects for over 20 years. He has worked with several respected companies, including APS, SRP, Edison, Bonneville and SDGE. He has gained a great deal of experience over the years, and has held positions including Crew Master Chief and Journeyman Lineman. Mr. Pope has become well-known in the utility community, and is highly respected for his commitment to quality workmanship, great work ethics, and always practicing safety. He has also held highly responsible Clearance roles for Edison, SDGE and most recently on a 500KV line for Bonneville.

Mr. Pope is also known for his innovative use of advanced tools and technology, which prove to be much more accurate compared to traditional methods of measuring sag and more. His methods of measuring sag are not only more accurate, but also more efficient and absolutely safer than the old methods still widely used today. He has been praised for his techniques in using the Topcon Total Station and Carlson SurvCE software, so much so that several companies have sought his training for their own crews.

HiLine Nation employs only the best in the business. All inspectors posses a great deal of experience, are qualified Journeyman Linemen and are fully trained and certified. HiLine Nation has also invested in the development of a powerful and flexible data recording and reporting application that allows inspectors to enter many different data points, upload files, and create reports. Clients also have access to a web-based portal where the recorded data, files, and reports are easily accessible.

Qualifications & Certifications

• Journeyman Lineman Certification
• CPR / First Aid / AED Certification
• Rough Terrain Forklift Operators Certification
• NCCCO TSS / STC Operator Certification
• OSHA 30 – Construction Safety & Health
• Helicopter Qualification – Skid Transfer / HEC
• Fall Protection Training Certification
• NPL Leadership Institute Certification

Licenses & Memberships

• Arizona License
• California License
• Oregon License
• Certified CPUC / MBE
• IBEW Honoree
• US Department Of The Interior
Bureau Of Indian Affairs Certificate